Five Fifths assessment services for the healthcare industry are indirect consulting services offered to healthcare professionals focused on improving their current state through innovative means.

OUR GOAL: provide management solutions that integrate proven standard processes for individual client issues.

OUR SOLUTION: improve our client’s operational efficiency and quality of service through innovative means.

Think5 for healthcare

Business Performance Management

“How well do you manage your business/patients..?”

Revenue Cycle ManagementCan you billing process be streamlined?
Five Fifths THINK5TM assessment will:

    • Remove system redundancy
    • Achieve greater billing efficiency
    • Eliminate rework based on coding errors

Patient Wait time AnalysisAre your patients waiting too long after their scheduled appointment time..?
Five Fifths focuses on external/internal causes of variation to address:

    • Patient timeliness or “no show” cancelations
    • Alternate patient order of arrival
    • Double booking / Late starts
    • Unexpected complex problem(s)

Applying the principles of Lean Management to medical practice operations can improve patient wait times by as much as 50%.

Resource Planning – Do you have the right number of workers with the right qualifications, performing the appropriate tasks to achieve the optimal targets?
Common resource challenges include:

    • A planning policy focus on short rather than long term
    • Lack of access to suitable planning process tools
    • Poor communication & lack of clear functional definitions for personnel

Five Fifths Think5TM approach delivers an effective resource plan so your office can:

    • Increase financial/operational efficiency
    • Improve retention and recruitment of staff
    • Improve response to health care service trends

Database Management –Can your business benefit from shared data without sacrificing privacy?
Using healthcare data and integrated information systems to enhance healthcare service delivery.  The Think5TM approach identifies past/present trends in the healthcare industry to add new dimensions to:

    • Benefits, payment & financial program management systems
    • Data center support & warehousing

Organizational Assessment

Is your business meeting the needs of your customers..?”

An organizational assessment is similar to an annual physical exam, it provides a baseline for the health of your business.  A THINK5TM organizational assessment will improve the performance of your business in:

    • Finance – Growth in Revenues
    • Operations – Increase in operating profit margin
    • Employee Productivity – Reduction of waste
    • Customer/Patient Satisfaction – Score improvements
    • Organizational Culture – Sustainability

Operational Quality Control

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

Clear performance requirements with your employees will drive higher levels of customer satisfaction.  Five Fifths will help create a culture of healthcare excellence and ensure processes are completed the right way.  The Think5TM assessment will pro-actively:

    • Reduce loss of time due to re-work
    • Reduce risk of error
    • Improve customer and employee morale

Ergonomic and Facility Design

“Can effective space utilization improve customer satisfaction?”

Patient Flow Analysis Can the total amount of time a patient has to wait be reduced with an intuitive assessment of a patient’s experience within your facility? A THINK5TM assessment will:

    • Reduce the total amount of time a patient has to wait
    • Determine how efficiently the personnel within a practice are being utilized

Office Space Allocation What is the optimal space required for your facility to operate? The THINK5TM assessment will:

    • Reduce operational costs by improving office workspace
    • Determine an ergonomic work design for your office
    • Reduce employee travel time


“How are you reaching your customers?”

Five Fifths will develop a marketing approach tailored to your business.  With a focus on expanding your customer base, we will address your business needs in:

    • Web & Print Design
    • Custom Website Development
    • Advertising and Customer Outreach Programs
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Brand Identity
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